Friday, May 9, 2014

Twitter Girls Know When to Stop... or Do they?

I'm not going to claim i'm an expert and can give the best advice. But when it comes to adult women and the way they play and twee it's not shock to know that twerking has now become the number 1 thing they do. I've often times wondered to myself if Ally Kay was that type of girl who just let it all loose and got naked for fun. I was a bit puzzled when I realized she was not, she didn't just take her cloths off for anyone, you have to be a specific type of man for her to do it.

When I got into the aspect of it all my mind was blown.. or as we like to say when it comes to her, she blew my mind. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with a pretty female like her taking her top off and shaking her boobs for anyone, but if she also exposes her ass, well then now you have my attention. Why else would a woman with such large breasts be engaged in behavior that specifically made her an attention grabber? Ask all the other women in social media who do the same thing.

They have a few reasons.

1. So as to get their nipples hard, and their feet loved upon.
2. Because they know that men would love to touch their soft skin.
3. No other girl can compete with super model status when it comes to bare skin and displaying it.

So now that we have all those out of the day, let us know what you think. Should all twitter cam girls do what they claim to? I know when it comes to me and my women, I enjoy the young perky ones who are willing to be sexy, and lusty, at the same time. If they are busty, well that's just a bonus.

So next time you're wondering about the changes that have been done, wonder no longer, wonder no more, and wonder without question and you'll have it right my friend.

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